Luxury Real Estate: The first eco-planned Caribbean luxury

resort from inception to completion is being raised on the Placencia

Peninsula in Southern Belize, making the idyllic tropical paradise an

official part of the phenomenally pervasive green consciousness of

the 21st century. The Palmetto Bay Resort at Maya Beach, helmed by

luxury property developer, Ravenspur Investments, is the first planned

from inception eco-friendly resort to dot the Caribbean Islands.

Sustainable eco-driven technologies used by Ravenspur include

geothermal- solar- and water-filtration technologies. It is projected

that such methodologies will conserve 1,000 gallons of water daily when

the resort is at full occupancy. The ensuing conservation of water is

beneficial both environmentally and financially. It is a measurable

example of how planning green protects the environment and saves

money for owners too. The Palmetto Bay Resort is being raised on

16-miles of white-sand beaches and a picturesque view of the Maya

Mountains. The first phase of the gated mixed-use resort, which

includes 36 beachfront condominiums with floor plans from 1,100 up to

4,500 square feet, is under way.

Belize was selected as the building site due to its cultural diversity

and lower cost of beachfront property compared to other Caribbean

destinations, according to property developer Carlton Watson.

Belize was chosen after researching dozens of beachfront markets

around the world. The cost of beachfront property and the diversity of

the country was like no other we researched.

Watson also sited that the ruins that trace the Mayan people back

thousands of years and the jungle's perfect eco-system for animals and

birds were significant factors in choosing Belize.

The green aspects of our development were created to

provide a saving on maintenance and consumption while leaving as small

an impact on the environment as possible, Watson said.

Watson stated that the geo-thermal assisted cooling pays for itself in

three years. The savings in water is achieved by capturing the water

used in the showers and sinks into underground holding tanks, where it

is filtered and used for watering the plants. A second underground tank

will be used to capture rainwater to replenish the pool. Additionally,

the sewer system water also uses recycled water.

Watson further added, Belize is a secret paradise bursting with

abundant benefits providing eco-conscious adventure and memories for


There will be two buildings that house the one- two- and three-bedroom

condominiums. Designer Juilieanne Dobson, renowned for her work on

Francis Ford Coppola's Turtle Inn, is the principal designer. The plan

is to honor Caribbean and Mayan heritage and capture the ambience

throughout in the residences and public spaces. Coppola's Turtle Inn is

favorite luxury resort in Southern Belize regarded by many as the

finest in the Placencia Village.

The Central American country of Belize is a British Commonwealth where

the local population speaks fluent English. It is the area's diverse

cultural heritage that many visitors find so appealing.

Owners at Palmetto Bay Resort will enjoy amenities on parity with

four-and five-star hotels and resorts, such as a fitness center,

several business centers, wireless Internet access, a health club,

fully equipped gourmet kitchens, and large balconies with elaborate

barbeque setups. Prices begin in the low $300,000 range. Call

866-930-4933 or visit for more information on the Palmetto Bay Resort.