First American Scientific Corp. today announced that the Biomass Recycling Center Co. Ltd (BCR) in Uruma City, Okinawa, Japan has completed a 20,000 ton per-year waste wood pellet production facility. The project includes three KDS Model S-6 systems designed and engineered by JP Steel Plantech Co., First American’s licensee for Japan.

First American’s patented KDS “Kinetic Disintegration System” generates a clean dry powder from waste biomass for domestic and industrial burners, creating heat for electrical power.

The three independent production lines that comprise the plant are based on one KDS Model S-6 system with the ability to process 2,750 kgs per hour or 22 tons of wood waste per eight-hour shift. The plant’s total capacity is 66 tons per day, or 20,000 tons of wood pellets annually, though future plans include tripling that capacity.

First American said the project is a milestone in its quest to “revolutionize the alternative green energy business” by recycling waste into resources.

The Okinawa Electric Power Company will purchase the pellets to mix them with coal at the Kin thermal power plant, putting a green edge on the company’s power generation. The use of the pellets correlates to the culture of Okinawa, which has become a world leader in recycling; local law prohibits waste on the island, and everything on the island is imported either by plane or boat.

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