First Lady Michelle Obama visited “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Thursday, following her husband’s late night stint on “The Tonight Show” on Wednesday.

Obama talked mostly about her daughters, Sasha, 11, and Malia, 14, telling Kimmel that the biggest challenge with the girls is encouraging then to remain engaged during their father’s speeches. She said all the president cares about is that they “look” like they’re listing.

“That was the instruction before he gave his speech at the DNC,” she said. “We’re backstage and they’re playing around and they’re laughing and they’re giggling and he said, ‘Just act like you’re listening to me!’”

Obama, who has been criticized for disciplining her children in public says she raises her Sasha and Malia the way her mother raised her, according to the New York Daily News. She added, “You have to smile a little bit more when you’re the First Lady.”

“But generally, they behave themselves really well,” she said of the girls.

With Halloween just days away, Kimmel poked fun at Obama’s initiative go get American children eating healthy and asked if she would be giving out vegetables to local trick-or-treaters.

“No. There are times of the year when candy is good,” she said.

Obama has already placed her ballot for the upcoming election; having voted on Oct. 16. She is encouraging people to vote early and spend their day on Nov. 6 getting others to vote.

Kimmel asked, if “there was any part of her that wouldn’t be so bummed,” if President Obama lost the election.

Obama admitted that she was “very hesitant” about Barack entering politics in the beginning, but now the entire family is fully invested.

“But then I thought about the kind of person that I would want to lead the country, and I felt that to deny him that right would be selfish. So we’re in it,” she said.