Look! It's a bird, it's a plane - it's Henry Cavill as the new Superman.

Warner Bros. released a first look of Cavill in costume as for the upcoming movie entitled "Man of Steel."

In the new photograph, the man of steel seems to have risen once more, but this time from a smoking steel vault.

While the Superman suit stayed true to the original comic book's blue and read. The colors of suits worn by Cavil look much darker than those worn by Christopher Reeves. Similarly, the texture of the new superman suit seems different than that from Reeves's era. Cavill's suit has a more rubbery look, while the old Superman costumes looked somewhat like a stretchy bodysuit.

While the "S" on the chest of the old Superman suit lay flat on the fabric, creators raised Cavill's insignia, which stands out.

Cavill is a 29-year-old Brit who is best known for the TV series "The Tudors."

Cavil told Total Film magazine that he's been working out and trying to into shape for the role.

The actor also told the magazine he loves wearing the suit.

"It's extremely cool," Cavill said. "There's no other feeling like it."