With the final episode of "Tales of the Borderlands" coming soon, the developers in Telltale Games have decided to get any newcomers on board by making the first episode of the series free for download. Those, who haven’t experienced the journey, can now start from the very beginning and see what all the hype is about.

This is the first official video game spinoff for the series, since "Borderlands" is mostly known for being a top-notch first-person shooter with elements from roleplaying games. "Tales of the Borderlands" still has the same tone of the series, even boasting a similar graphical style, but gameplay is more reminiscent of other games from Telltale, like "The Walking Dead" or "Fables: The Wolf Among Us."

Praise for the game has been constant, with Pocket Gamer giving the first episode of the game a very respectable Bronze award. While the lack of emotional heft was criticized, the game’s charm, likeable characters and fast pace were praised, making it an adventure worth investing into.

The plot of the game is typical "Borderlands," featuring a group of bandits who are looking for a vault filled with treasure. Of course there are other groups that want the vault, which leads to some hectic firefights, with added pressure thanks to the mix of quick-time events and choices to make.

Interestingly enough, "Tales of the Borderlands" isn't the only Telltale game reaching its conclusion soon. "Game of Thrones" is also reaching its finale soon, though Telltale Games confirmed that a second season of the game is currently in the works. It will be interesting to see if "Tales of the Borderlands" will be getting a second season or not, given how positive the reaction has been to the series.

Fans all over the world can pick up the first episode of "Tales of the Borderlands" for free on Xbox One, Xbox 360, iOS and Android devices. A report from VG24/7 has confirmed that the first episode of the game is also free on the PlayStation Network, but only for gamers in North America. However, it still requires payment in European countries.

Tales from the Borderlands - World Premier Trailer (Credit: YouTube/GameSpot)