Police officials arrested four more suspects in connection with a botched burglary in Brooklyn that led to the early morning shooting death of a police officer.

Police initially arrested two suspects. Officer Glen Estrada caught the shooter, Lamont Pride, at the scene of the crime in the Cypress Hills section of Brooklyn. Police tracked down his accomplice sometime later.  However, two other accomplices, who tried passing as concerned neighbors, were arrested as well as a getaway driver. This could indicate that this crime was a planned operation, reported the New York Post.

As reported earlier by the International Business Times, Officer Peter Figoski, was part of the back-up team that responded to a break-in in the Cypress Hills section of Brooklyn. While investigating the scene, he was shot in the face by Lamont Pride, 27.

All five suspects are currently being held at the 75th Precinct, where Officer Figoski's worked for about 22 years, reported the New York Times.