Violence continued well into the fourth day of Anaheim protests when protestors attacked at least six storefronts Tuesday. Five people had been arrested in the second major clash between the police and demonstrators in the city, Reuters reported.

The fighting broke out despite Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait calling for state and federal review into the shooting of a man, Saturday afternoon, indentified as Manuel Diaz a suspected gang member, Reuters added.

In the ensuing melee, one person had been injured, Anaheim spokesman Seargeant Bob Dunn told Reuters.

Violence erupted all of a sudden when the police requested over 600 protestors gathered outside the City Hall Tuesday to clear the area.

Protestors started flinging chairs that smashed windows in at least six business outlets.

Reuters reported a witness as saying that patrons and workers of the Starbucks coffee shop had gone for cover at back of the retail outlet. No one was injured during the incident, police said.

Later, officers armed with shotguns began to guard the storefronts.

The protests are fallout of an officer shooting dead an apparently unarmed man July 21 afternoon.

Violence continued to rock Anaheim Saturday and Sunday, and another man was killed Sunday. This took the death toll to five, in officer-involved shooting in Anaheim, this year, according to Reuters.