by Jchetan

The sedentary nature of most office jobs today is a large contributing factor to our ever-growing waistlines. But with a little creativity and a healthy dose of motivation, you can turn your office into a veritable gym.

Working out at the office is a great way to stay in shape. Here are some key ways to sneak in more exercise and keep moving during your workday.

1. Schedule: Just as you schedule your weekly office meeting, schedule 10-minute fitness breaks either every hour or every two hours. Get up and take a brisk walk around the hallways and building. Or if you have your own private office, alternate between two minutes of jumping-jacks and two minutes of lunges, crunches or push-ups for a quick but effective circuit-training workout.

2. Walking meetings: Rather than sit in your boss' or colleague's stuffy office for a meeting, suggest that you lace up your walking shoes and briskly stroll outside or within the building to strategize for next week's board meeting. In fact, walking meetings are quickly becoming the new office of the future, as studies have shown such workday exercise is not just increasing productivity but they are also making for a healthier and leaner staff. The physical activity spurs creativity and confidence and the energizing effects of the exercise wards off those afternoon slumps.

3. Bike or walk to work: While this option may not be feasible for everyone, particularly during seasonal changes, biking or walking to work is a great way to turn your workday into a workout. If you take the bus, consider getting off a few stops early and hoofing it the rest of the way. If you drive a car, park your vehicle at the farthest place in the parking lot.

4. Stand more: Even if your company isn't yet equipped with an office gym, simply by standing more you'll burn more calories than if you were sitting in a chair. Try this: Every time you talk on the phone, whether your desk or cell phone, stand up for the entire duration of the call. If your company is really open to progressive ideas, talk to your higher-ups about getting a standing desk.

5. Stash exercise equipment at your desk: Clear out one drawer in your office and fill it with arm weights, resistance bands and a jump rope. Whenever you're on a long (or short) conference call, take out your weights and do a few sets of bicep curls.

Your workplace can be an environment that supports your health goals rather than sabotages them. Discuss your ideas with your boss and colleagues during a walking meeting, of course.

This article was provided by Heather Ashare at, an online diet and weight loss resource providing the tools and information needed to educate yourself to start living a healthier life for today and tomorrow.