Every good thing comes with its share of flaws. And Siri - the most popular feature in the iPhone 4S which has achieved unprecedented popularity in this short span of time, too couldn't save itself from a default loophole.

Siri, the revolutionary voice-control system for the iPhone 4S, allows it to be controlled by voiced commands for making calls, setting reminders and sending text messages. Besides that it can engage you in chatting incessantly on varied topics to making online searches, etc. However, experts have recently discovered a prominent security flaw, which shows that Siri responds to commands even when the phone is password-locked i.e. Siri remain 'on' always by default.

How big is the threat?


This is indeed a matter of concern considering the fact that any unauthorized person with physical access to the iPhone 4S can use Siri to send texts or emails to any  of your Contacts, as well as alter your reminders and calendar settings - all without your knowledge and without having to enter the passcode. However, fortunately the flaw doesn't allow apps to be launched while the phone's passcode is locked, and can only send messages to your Contacts.

Fix the Siri Security Flaw

You can fix this flaw by just entering 'Settings -> General ->Passcode Lock', and ensure that the 'Siri' option is set to 'Off'. This doesn't turn Siri off altogether; however, it will not work any further when the phone is locked with a passcode. Analysts are blaming it on Apple Inc. for this irresponsible act of implementing Siri to a default mode, rather than ensuring iPhone 4S security.

However, record sales of over 4 million iPhone 4S over the first weekend speak for iPhones popularity and the security flaw crisis haven't actually dampened the spirit of Apple iPhone enthusiasts all over the world. This further heightens the responsibility to salute people's verdict and fix the errors and the loopholes with early minor setting changes.


The original post was published on Simon Blog: Fixing the Siri Security Flaw in iPhone 4S