The collective mourning for the smartphone game "Flappy Bird" has expressed itself in a lot of ways. Some people are (supposedly) paying thousands of dollars for iPhones with the game on it, others are finding ways to get the game anyway and still others are frantically searching for a suitable replacement, of which there are many.

But all is not lost. As "Flappy Bird" creator Dong Nguyen said himself on Twitter, “I still make games.” And his other games are pretty good too. Nguyen has four games on his website, Shuriken Block is the only .Gear game currently available on the App Store. The others can only be played on, but you'll have to access it via your mobile device, as none will work on your computer. They are:

"Smashing Kitty" – In "Smashing Kitty" you play a mean cat that smashes cartoonish mole-like creatures, worms and living ball-shaped organisms with a mallet of sorts. You cannot control the bouncing speed of the mallet and you get extra points for smashing creatures with every bounce.

"Dr plet Shuffle" -- A visually pleasing adaptation of the shell game where the player must find two pixelated characters hiding under cups shuffled around by the computer. With every successful round the game speeds up and an extra shuffle is made.

"Shuriken Block" -- The point of Shuriken Block is to stop a wave of shurikens from embedding themselves in a row of unfortunate samurai. As the pixelated shurikens are tossed from behind a wall, you have to tap them before they hit your samurai. It starts slow and is more forgiving than "Flappy Bird," but quickly escalates into high levels of frenzy and intensity. You get three lives, but they probably won’t last you very long. As mentioned earlier, "Shuriken Block" is the only game available on the App Store. It isn’t listed on Google Play.

"Ninja Assault" -- "Ninja Assault" is sort of the opposite of "Shuriken Block": Instead of blocking shurikens to save your ninjas, you have to stop waves of ninjas by throwing shurikens. You throw them by pulling back and releasing them. Its gameplay is less polished than .Gear’s other games, but it’s still entertaining and gets real hard real quick.

Whether you like .Gear’s other games or not, whatever you do, don’t prompt another takedown. Just enjoy the games Nguyen puts so much time into.