Since the midseason break, the main storyline of Season 1 of “The Flash” has been Barry’s (Grant Gustin) investigation into the truth about Dr. Wells (Tom Cavanaugh). With the debut season of the CW series nearing its end, the Flash is coming closer than ever to outing his archenemy as the Reverse Flash. Would he find the proof he needed in episode 19, “Who is Harrison Wells?”

The episode began with Joe (Jesse Martin) and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) embarking on a trip to Starling City -- of “Arrow” fame -- to get more answers about Dr. Wells from the scene of the car accident that killed Tess Morgan (Bre Blair). The mission had Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) pretty upset. She believed if Dr. Wells really was the Reverse Flash, then her entire life was a lie.

Meanwhile, Barry had a new meta-human to deal with in Central City. A criminal named Harrison Bates (Martin Novotny) had developed the ability to transform his DNA so he could steal the identity of anybody he touched. Barry and Eddie (Rick Cosnett) had to take Bates down without Barry touching him -- or else Bates potentially could steal Barry’s powers as well.

Barry and Eddie tracked Bates to his grandmother’s house where they tried to get his location out of the old woman. However, it turned out she was just Bates in disguise. A chase ensued -- with Barry unable to use his super speed -- and Eddie very nearly caught the thief. However, after being touched, Bates transformed to look like Eddie and shot two police officers to death on video. Eddie -- the real Eddie -- ended up in jail for a crime he did not commit. Barry was desperate to clear Eddie’s name and worked tirelessly to figure out a solution when a policeman showed up at his front door. Unfortunately, it was again just Bates in disguise, and after knocking Barry out, Bates stole his identity as well.

Later, Caitlin showed up with a theory about how to stop Bates with a special serum and took Barry -- Bates in disguise -- back to S.T.A.R. Labs. Then, Iris (Candace Parker) showed up with the video of Eddie shooting the cops pointing out that the assailant used his left hand -- Eddie is right handed. The revelation made Bates nervous, and he was about to take Iris and Caitlin hostage when Dr. Wells appeared out of nowhere to knock the foe out with a Taser.

Caitlin and Iris tried to take Bates to the police, but the shifty meta-human transformed into a child to fake a kidnapping. He escaped when some unsuspecting construction workers tried to help.

Barry was able to track Bates to the airport where he was trying to make his escape. Cornering the criminal, the two got into a fight where Bates transformed into every person he had touched, including the Flash. However, even though he looked the same, he was not as fast as Barry and the real Flash was finally able to take him down, administering Caitlin’s serum to neutralize his powers. Luckily, the fight was caught on tape so Eddie was cleared.

Back in Starling City, Joe and Cisco found a mysterious body buried near the scene of Dr. Wells’ car accident. Plus, Cisco helped out the Black Canary (Katie Cassidy) by modifying her Canary Cry device.

Joe and Cisco brought the body back to Central City where Cisco ran a test confirming it was the remains of the real Dr. Wells -- the proof Caitlin needed to finally believe the group. Then, Cisco ran an analysis of the S.T.A.R. Labs building where he found the secret area Dr. Wells used to store his Reverse Flash costume. Barry, Cisco and Caitlin found the hideout and saw the costume, as well as something a whole lot stranger -- Dr. Wells’ computer with the newspaper headlines from the future. There will be no denying the truth about their boss now.

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