As Season 2 of the CW’s mega hit “The Flash” starts to come to a close, fans everywhere are getting excited for the speedster’s next encounter with the biggest, baddest villain yet, Zoom. Now that the team is wise to the monster’s true identity, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) will face off against him once again in episode 18, titled “Versus Zoom.” 

In episode 16, the gang used the newly-discovered reverb powers of Cisco (Carlos Valdes) to discover that Zoom is actually the man they thought to be their friend, Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears). However, it seems things are a bit more complicated than that as the teasers for the show's April 19 return note. 

As previously reported, Garrick was a character from the parallel dimension known as Earth-2. As a result, he’s got a doppelganger on Allen’s Earth, who goes by the name of Hunter Zolomon. Previously the doppelganger was written off as a mere civilian, but now it seems he’s much more than that. Zolomon is actually a serial killer that gets speedster powers when his stint in the electric chair goes awry. 

According to the episode’s newly released plot synopsis from ComicBookResource, the team will finally learn how Zolomon went from a human to the terror of every speedster in the known universe. When Barry, newly invigorated by his discovery of the tachyon device, tells the team that it’s time for him to jump dimensions and stop Zoom once and for all. After some protest by the likes of Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh), the hero eventually convinces everyone that this is the right move. 

Once convinced, Wells will reveal that Cisco’s reverb powers have the potential to re-open the portal breach to Zoom’s world, where Barry can finally have a sit-down with the murderous villain and get some answers. 

However, as the episode’s trailer (below) shows, there’s much more to Zolomon’s powers that meets the eye as he’s clearly got some kind of darkness in him calling the shots. With “Arrow” Season 4 introducing the concept of magic to the connected superhero world, there’s any number of explanations for Zolomon’s current condition, and Barry’s new tachyon device might not be enough help.

Sadly, although the synopsis has been released, fans of “The Flash” will have to wait until April 19 for the show to return to have all their burning questions about Zoom’s identity finally revealed.