After the events of the most recent episode of “The Flash,” it’s pretty obvious the team on the CW series is in one of its darkest times yet. With their hero apparently gone forever, it’s up to his allies to stop the impending meta-human invasion in Season 2, episode 21, titled “The Runaway Dinosaur.” 

Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) appears to be dead after Harrison Wells’ (Tom Cavanagh) failed attempt to recreate the particle accelerator explosion that gave him his powers. Obviously, the Flash can’t die on a show called “The Flash” so it’s on episode 21, and guest director Kevin Smith, to address what really happened. 

A teaser trailer for the episode shows Barry waking up in a world familiar to his, surrounded by loved ones who appear to be talking to him on behalf of an unknown afterlife-style entity. Harry reveals that, through the use of Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and his vibe powers, he may be able to find where in the universe Barry was scattered.

Sadly, the state of things in Central City makes it difficult for the team to focus on the hunt for their hero. With Zoom (Teddy Sears) revealing to the entire world that the Flash no longer has his powers, all the meta-humans that the hero put into hiding are free to roam about the city to bring their evil agendas to fruition. According to the episode’s official plot synopsis from the CW, the villain Grinder (Greg Finley) will return to recreate his previous rampage. However, without the Flash around to stop him this time, there’s no telling what lengths the team will have to go to in order to stop him. However, the synopsis teases that Iris (Candice Patton), who just confessed her love for Barry, will volunteer as bait to lure the villain into some kind of elaborate trap.

Smith, whose directorial/acting credits include films like “Clerks,” “Chasing Amy” and the AMC series “Comic Book Men,” is a fan of the show. He previously put in a call to “The Flash” producers and politely asked if there was a good fit for him to direct an episode, and they were more than happy to oblige, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The next episode of “The Flash” airs Tuesday, May 10, at 8 p.m. EDT on the CW.