Avid viewers of the CW show “The Flash” will see a new character when the series returns with its Season 3 run. However, the said character may pose a threat to Grant Gustin’s superhero role Barry Allen also known as the Flash.

The latest “The Flash” Season 3 updates were revealed in a report posted on TVLine that indicated the addition of a major character in a recurring role. The name of the character was not disclosed, although, he was described as a “smart” and “intuitive” guy. The new character is said to be slightly older than Gustin’s Barry, as well as “slightly geekier” than the show’s titular hero.

It was also hinted that the new character may eventually become one of Barry’s enemies in the upcoming “The Flash” Season 3. It appears that the new smart guy “doesn’t buy Barry’s nice guy routine,” as stated in the same report. He will also try to unveil Gustin’s character’s secrets while hiding some of his own.

Meanwhile, fans, who were hoping to see the villain Mirror Master in “The Flash,” would be disappointed with the latest news. Neither the CW nor the series’ showrunners have confirmed the appearance of the said character, as indicated in the same report. Comic book lovers may recall that the said DC villain has been one of the Flash’s enemies in the comic books. Mirror Master is known to use mirrors in his evil plans and attacks.

On the hand, it is still unclear if “The Flash” will feature a “Flashpoint” storyline for its upcoming new season. Although the Season 2 finale episode hinted that it may be tackled in “The Flash” Season 3, following Barry’s decision to go back in time to save his mother. However, cast member Carlos Valdes stated during Orlando’s MegaCon event that there may be a “chance of a Flashpoint paradox.”

He also teased of the exciting things that will happen in the CW show’s upcoming third season. The actor even commented that “The Flash” Season 3 will be “way different” from the show’s previous seasons.

“The Flash” Season 3 is expected to premiere in October.