Although Robbie Amell was killed on “The Flash” twice, he thinks that fans may still see him appear on the CW series in the future.

“The nice thing is when you’re dead in that universe there is always another Earth,” Amell — who played Ronnie Raymond on the show — told this past weekend at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in Atlanta, Georgia.

The 28-year-old actor confirmed that Earth-1 Ronnie is dead, but he also said that fans may see other versions of Ronnie on the Grant Gustin-led series.

“I think that … [Earth-1] … Ronnie is dead because he sacrificed himself to save the city, but you know there is always Earth-3, Earth-4, Earth-5,” he said.

Ronnie, who is one half of the metahuman Firestorm, died in the Season 2 premiere after he sacrificed himself to stop the singularity from consuming Central City. Twelve episodes later, Amell returned to the show as Ronnie’s Earth-2 doppelgä nger, Deathstorm, only to get killed by the season’s main villain, Zoom (Teddy Sears).

Amell said at Emerald City Comic Con last April that he would prefer to go back to the show as Firestorm rather than Deathstorm.

“I loved playing Deathstorm but I think it’s tougher to have a serious arc if I’m going back as a bad guy, because I just won’t last as long,” the “Tomorrow People” alum said (via  Screen Rant ) .

Amell also revealed that he would be willing to return even as a normal version of Ronnie.

“I’ve had a lot of fun playing Ronnie, so even if there were a version of my character without superpowers, I would love to go back and play that,” said the Canadian thespian. “I actually really love playing the Ronnie Raymond side of the character, getting to do scenes with Danielle [Panabaker] (Caitlin Snow) and the rest of the cast. The Firestorm stuff is really fun to do and fun to see on TV, but to ground something as a real person is nice for the acting side of things.”

In an interview with Comic Book Resources last March, Amell said that he would love to come back to the show because he loves working with its cast and crew.  “All of that cast are really good people," Amell said. “A lot of the crew is from ‘The Tomorrow People.’ … So it feels very special when I get to go back.”

“The Flash” airs every Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.