Violett Beane’s dream of putting on her very own superhero costume has come true.

The 20-year-old actress, who plays Jesse Wells/Jesse Quick on “The Flash,” took to Instagram on Wednesday, Oct. 19, to share a photo of herself in full speedster costume. “Jesse and I have been waiting a very long time for this,” Beane captioned the pic, which is one of the promotional photos for next week’s episode of the CW series.

Beane had been very vocal about her desire to suit up on “The Flash” since Season 2. “At some point she is going to get speed because it has been hinted at a few times — Jesse Quick, Hopefully that happens this season,” the actress told Seat42F last February.

When asked why she wanted to see Jesse becomes a speedster, the “Leftovers” alum said: “I think [it] will be interesting to see how another speedster would work with The Flash. Wally West [Keiynan Lonsdale] is a speedster in the comics too. So just to see that whole Speed Force will be really, really cool.”

“I know that everyone that has tried on their suits before has been like, ‘When I put that suit on, I feel like a superhero.’ So hopefully that will happen soon for me too,” she added.

In last night’s Season 3, episode 3 of “The Flash,” it was revealed that the dark matter that hit Jesse when Team Flash recreated the particle accelerator explosion to get Barry’s (Grant Gustin) speed back last season turned her into a speedster. Concerned about her daughter’s safety, Wells (Tom Cavanagh) was initially against Jesse’s decision to become a superhero. But at the end of the episode, after seeing what his daughter was capable of, Wells accepted Jesse’s destiny and promised to support her all the way.

In next Tuesday’s episode, entitled “The New Rogues,” Jesse continues to train under Barry’s supervision. According to the synopsis for the episode, a new meta human, Mirror Master (Grey Damon), surfaces, and Barry lets Jesse tag along. When Mirror Master teams up with his old partner, Top (Ashley Rickards), Jesse is quick to join the chase but defies one of Barry’s orders which results in disastrous consequences.

“The Flash” Season 3, episode 4 airs on Oct. 25 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.