The upcoming Season 3 premiere of “The Flash” has some elements that will remind fans of the series pilot.

In an interview with TVLine, Candice Patton said that viewers are going to see Barry (Grant Gustin) woo Iris (Patton) in the Flashpoint timeline, which the Scarlet Speedster inadvertently created at the end of the Season 2 finale after he traveled back in time to prevent his mother’s death.

“It’s really, really sweet,” the 28-year-old actress added of Barry courting Iris. “It reminds me of the pilot.”

When asked what was fun for her in playing the Flashpoint version of Iris, Patton said: “The best part of that was playing Barry and me meeting for the first time."

“It reminds me of the pilot,” she reiterated. “When you see them for the first time together, there’s something very magical about that, and we recreate that in Flashpoint.”

The Los Angeles-born actress shared that even Kevin Smith, who is currently directing “The Flash” Season 3, episode 7 (“Killer Frost”), said that there’s something special about the upcoming season’s premiere episode.

“He said he saw the first episode, and there was something really, really special about it,” Patton said of Smith who also directed last season’s “The Runaway Dinosaur” episode.

“I would agree. I think fans are going to really enjoy that,” added the actress.

Patton’s little tease about Barry and Iris’ dynamic in Season 3, episode 1 comes a few months after she addressed the idea  among some fans that Barry and Iris are too sibling-y to become a couple.

In an interview with Den of Geek, Patton said that she “absolutely never” felt that the pair’s relationship is more of a sibling love than a romantic one.

“We’ve never spoken about that in the cast or with the producers,” she added. “That’s something that other people have created, that doesn’t exist. That’s never been an issue for us on the show.”

Although Barry and Iris grew up together under one roof, Patton said that the cast and the producers “don’t acknowledge that they’re brother and sister in any sort of way.” “We share absolutely no DNA. Just to be clear,” she added. “Especially because I’m black and he’s white.”

In addition, with how Iris developed as a character in the past two seasons, Patton thinks that there’s no way the show can prevent Barry and iris from becoming a couple.

“We’ve seen her grow so much since Season 1, where she was a barista at a coffee shop, and then she had an online blog, and now she works at Picture News, and she’s finally got her family situation in order in terms of making peace with her mother and finding a brother, so … I think now she’s moving into the last part of life, which is trying to make the romance thing work,” Patton said.

“The Flash” Season 3 premieres on Tuesday, Oct. 4, at 8 p.m. on The CW.