Numerous flights were delayed at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport as hail damaged up to 100 taxis beginning about 8 p.m., airport spokesman David Magaña said. Many departing planes returned to the terminals and passengers got off before the storm arrived.

Everyone in and around the Dallas Love Field terminal was moved to a basement beneath the terminal after the lights went out and lemon-size hail, high winds and radar signatures of a possible tornado threatened the airport about 9 p.m. Tuesday, spokesman Jose Torres said. No tornadoes were spotted, he said, and flights began taking off again later in the night.

Employees moved them away from windows and into sheltered areas. Large hail damaged as many as 100 cabs at the taxi queue on the south end of the airport, Magaña said, but no injuries were reported.

Storm sirens sounded across the Dallas-Fort Worth area and areas to the north and northwest on Tuesday afternoon as storm spotters reported a profusion of funnel clouds.

The storms in Texas were among a series that threatened a swath of the central U.S. on Tuesday night and early Wednesday. Severe storms killed at least eight people in Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas, just days after the massive tornado that killed at least 122 people dead in Joplin, Missouri.