On Thursday, Pure Digital unveiled the second-generation of its Ultra series, the Flip Ultra Camcorders featuring high definition.

The second-generation Flips arrive in two formats: the UltraHD for high-definition performance featuring 1280 x 720 resolution and 8GB of built-in memory, and the UltraSD for standard definition. Both camcorders as boast two hours of recording capability.

Our new Flip UltraHD takes this to the next level by making it incredibly simple and affordable for anyone to capture and share hours of video in stunning HD, Pure Digital CEO Jonathan Kaplan said as part of the announcement.

The two camcorders have USB ports for connecting to a PC and pre-loaded with Digital Technologies' FlipShare software, allowing end-users to organize, edit videos and uploading to a Mac or PC for future uploading to video-sharing sites.

The original Flip Ultra changed the way the world captures and shares video by making it easy, accessible, and, most of all, fun, said Kaplan.

The Flip Ultra HD will sell for $199.99, and comes in two colors - black and white, while a non-HD second Flip Ultra will retail for $149.99.