2009 will be the Year to GO GREEN. Floral design trends should

follow Fashion design trends in colors, textures, and patterns. As a

professional event planner I follow all design trends in order to

provide a wide scope of options and design advice to my clients. My

company is based on modern innovation and creativity.

Some of the design basics for 2009 are as follows:

Design arrangements will be more commonly taller and grander, due to

the economic challenges people tend to stray away from conforming to

the obstacles faced. If a person is going to invest in an event they

will ensure they get the best for the dollar. Taller arrangements set a

sense of elegance and grandeur. Multiple colors that complement each

other are also a big trend in 2009. Colors that blend in the same color

family will be more commonly used in 09 (ex. A Deep purple will be

mixed with a plum, violet and rose color).

Fresh Flowers is still holding strong in the #1 floral spot - most

would think that during these rough economic times people would opt out

for silk flowers, but there are some sacrifices worth making. Fresh

flowers have and always will be a must.

Spring 2009 Floral Design Trends

Flower for 2009: Tulip (they come in a variety of colors and work in tight, soft, flowing, cascading, or ball arrangements)

Summer 2009 Floral Design Trends

Flower for 2009: Anthurium (a glossy palette and spiky central spathe)