Tampa Bay foreclosure defense attorney Mark Stopa is blunt in his advice to home owners facing imminent foreclosure:

  • Stop making payments.
  • Hire a lawyer to frustrate the bank.
  • Use the yearlong delay to build a savings account with unpaid house payments.
  • Enjoy living mortgage-payment free.

Stopa's technique for stalling foreclosure involves asking a judge to dismiss a case because the originating lender isn't the same one initiating the foreclosure. It takes a bank about six months to avoid that legal tactic. After that delay, banks are more likely to cooperate with the homeowner, Stopa says. He charges a flat fee of $1,300 to initiate this stalling technique.

Any chance his advice will backfire?

A foreclosure task force commissioned by the Florida Supreme Court concluded in August that only a few law firms, known as foreclosure mills by detractors, handle most of the cases for banks, and their expedited processes sometimes result in errors. At the same time, the task force said foreclosure defense attorneys often file boilerplate motions to dismiss that only delay rather than resolve the issue.

Source: St. Petersburg Times, James Thorner (10/16/2009)