An apparently inebriated Florida man was arrested for trying to rob a Tallahassee bank and stiffing the cab driver who brought him to the scene, authorities said. Stanley Geddie, 46, arrived by taxi cab to rob Capital City Bank on Capital Circle Northwest in Tallahassee and allegedly demanded $100,000 from a bank manager.

Geddie allegedly told the bank manager he was carrying a .357 handgun and C4 plastic explosive and threatened to “blow this place up,” the Tallahassee Democrat reported. The man did not have any weapons in his possession when he was searched but was wearing two pair of pants. He later told investigators he would have removed the outer pair as a disguise, the newspaper said. The bank manager said Geddie told him the bank was surrounded. After the demands were issued, the manager invited Geddie into his office and closed his door. Tellers then alerted police.

When police arrived, the cab driver informed officers Geddie was drunk and had not paid his $25.50 cab fare. Geddie reportedly told the driver he would pay the bill when he came back out. The officers entered the manager’s office to find Geddie sitting down and appearing “intoxicated and spaced out,” court records show. Officers used a stun gun on Geddie when refused to be arrested and had been warned he would be shot if he made any sudden movement.

Geddie was charged with petty theft for the unpaid taxi fare, resisting an officer, robbery without a weapon and two probation violations. He is being held at Leon County Jail in Tallahassee.