The Florida GOP debate that aired on CNN Thursday, marked the 19th debate in the Republican presidential contest, and was the last before the critical Florida primary next Tuesday.

Fireworks sparked between Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney as they debated over Romney's wealth and taxes and the work done by Gingrich for the mortgage giant Freddie Mac.

Ron Paul persisting in standing his ground on federal spending and the need to protect civil liberties, while Rick Santorum focused on health care.

The one topic that gathered the most airtime, however, was Immigration. Each candidate talked about his own policies on the topic, but it was Romney who got the most heated on the topic after being dubbed an anti-immigrant by Gingrich.

Here are some highlights from the debate:

Romney's response to anti-immigration label: (Scroll down for video)

Ron Paul on Latin American trade:

Romney,Gingrich spar over Freddie Mac: