This is always a compelling argument for a legislation: If you support Jay-Z, support this amendment.

The Washington Beacon Times transcribed this hilarious debate between Florida state representatives Alan B. Williams and Speaker Dean Cannon when discussing an amendment to the Florida Evidence Code on Wednesday, which would allow some types of heresay be used as evidence in court. They must be getting pretty exhausted during the last two days of Florida's legislative session, because the discussion went like this:

Rep. Alan B. Williams: I think one of the reasons why we're supporting the amendment is because we got such a warm and fuzzy farewell from you to set the  mood to support this amendment. To go even further, you think about a wise businessman. He even said he knows his rights. And Jay-Z...I think Jay-Z said it  best and I'm going to quote for you. I know my rights and you're going to need a warrant for that. And he even went further, Aren't you sharp as a tack, are  you a lawyer or something? Members, when you look at it, support this. If you support Jay-Z, support this amendment. Thank you.

Speaker Dean Cannon: I must respectfully disagree with a correction, Rep. Williams. In the song, it was the officer who said, Aren't you sharp as a tack?  or something. You should try for lawyer or something, so I got you on that. It's an unspoken rule, if you're going to invoke Jay-Z, you must get the lyrics   correct. I'm not sure Jay-Z would support this amendment.

Neither lawmaker was entirely right. Cannon is right about a cop asking the question, but Williams has the actual lyrics.

Cop: Do you mind if I look round the car a little bit?

Jay-Z: Well, my glove compartment is locked, so is the trunk in the back,And I know my rights so you gonna need a warrant for that.

Cop: Aren't you sharp as a tack? You some type of lawyer or something,Somebody important or something?

As Hip Hop Wired's Alvin Aqua Blanco puts it Of course Republicans are saying they won this debate but really; Jay-Z wins again. 

(h/t The Washington Beacon Times and my colleague Bre).