A woman who robbed a Tom Thumb grocery store in the Florida panhandle said, “I’m sorry. Merry Christmas,” before leaving with stolen cash.

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office is still searching for the apologetic robber. Surveillance video from the Navarre, Fla., Tom Thumb store has been released in hopes of catching the suspect, according to Florida television station WEAR.

The footage reportedly shows a woman dressed in black who brandishes a gun and demands money from a Tom Thumb clerk. After taking the cash, she tells the cashier, “I’m sorry. Merry Christmas.”

Mandy Espy, who manages an establishment across the street from the Tom Thumb, said the Monday-night theft marked the second time the grocery store was robbed this year.

“That’s a cheesy way out of it,” Espy said of the robber’s apology. “She went in with a plan and left [with] a guilty conscience.”

The Santa Rose Press Gazette said the sheriff’s office received a call about the robbery around 6:30 p.m. Monday. The suspect was described as a white female wearing a black cap, gloves and sunglasses. She was in the grocery store for around 15 minutes before committing the robbery.

Anyone with information about the robbery was urged to call Santa Rosa Crime Stoppers at 850-347-STOP.

Espy said the robbery has her on edge.

“It does concern me because you have strangers that walk in here every day, so you never know what might happen in here," she told WEAR.

Susan Slyfield, a woman who lives near the Tom Thumb, said she was thinking about going into the grocery store around the time of the robbery.

“I don’t know why I didn’t. I guess it just got a bit late, but I was very glad I didn’t because that’s not a situation I’d want to run in on,” she said.