Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been called racist by UFC president Dana White for comments the boxing champion made regarding Jeremy Lin and rival Manny Pacquiao.

Last week Mayweather wrote on Twitter that: Jeremy Lin is a good player but all the hype is because he's Asian. Black players do what he does every night and don't get the same praise.

White, in his regular video post dubbed Presidential Address, claimed the comment overstepped the mark.

Yes, Floyd, you're racist with the stuff you said, White commented.

The UFC head, who admitted to being a boxing fan, then turned his attention to Mayweather's recent video addressing Manny Pacquiao. In the clip Mayweather called Pacquiao, with whom he has long had a war of words with over their inability to agree to a potential matchup, a little yellow chump.

Mayweather then goes onto say that Once i stomp the midget I'm gonna make that mother f----- make me a sushi roll.

A comment that White ridiculed by saying Sushi's from Japan, his from the Philippines, dummy.

Echoing the thoughts of many fight fans the world over, White then told Mayweather to get back to the business of agreeing terms to fight his rival for the title of the world's best pound-for-pound boxer.

Don't worry about what all these other guys are doing, White said. You're shooting your big mouth off on Twitter, what you should worry about is getting in there and making the fight that all boxing fans wanna see. get in there and fight Manny Pacquiao.

The much-anticipated fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao has been discussed for more than two years now. A deal between the two appears no closer, however.

Last month a compromise between the fighters' camps appeared close, especially with Mayweather going on Twitter to say: Manny Pacquiao I'm calling you out let's fight May 5th and give the world what they want to see.

No agreement could be reach, though, with Pacquiao speaking out this week to reveal that the financial terms he was being offered were insulting.

He offered me $40 million, and no pay-per-view [money], Pacquiao said, in the interview with Yahoo Sports. No pay-per-view. Can you believe that? Would you do that? Come on. What would he say if I offered him $50 million--not $40 million, $50 million--and said 'No pay-per-view. Take this money and be happy, but no pay-per-view.' He wouldn't do it, either.

Both boxers now have other fights lined up, with Mayweather taking on Miguel Cotto on May 5, while Pacquiao will be taking on Timothy Bradley on June 9.

Both fighters, the best of their generation, continue to state that the other is ducking the contest. With Pacquiao also claiming in recent interviews that he may only have one more fight, at most, left in him, the chances of the boxing-watching public ever seeing this fight for the ages decreases daily.

Even if the bout does go ahead at some point in the future, one has to question whether it will still be able live up to the massive hype. Pacquaio looked to have lost a step in his controversial victory against Juan Manuel Marquez last time out and Mayweather turns 35 later this week.