The war of words between boxing stars Floyd Mayweather and Ronda Rousey heated up Thursday after the former issued a response to Rousey's comments targeting him. The feud between the two began after Mayweather said last year that he did not recognize her.

On Tuesday, Rousey responded to Mayweather's comments from earlier this month, saying: "[Floyd] said 'You make $300 million a night, then you can give me a call' ... and I actually did the math and given the numbers of my last fight, I'm actually the highest paid UFC fighter and I'm a woman.

"I think I actually make 2-3 times more than he does per second ... so when he learns to read and write, he can text me," she added.

Mayweather reacted to her comment Wednesday, and told TMZ Sports: "Big bank take little bank. Let's play and see how much money you got," adding: "Last time I checked I was #1 on Forbes. She will never be at my status. Keep trying to get publicity."

Mayweather had initially apologized for not recognizing her last July. "I wish her congratulations. I didn't know who she was the other day. I apologize because I didn't know. I'm used to watching football and basketball. I'm not really into boxing like that," he said at the time.

However, Rousey did not accept his apology and taunted him for his domestic violence record this May, saying: "I don't think that me and him would ever fight unless we ended up dating."

After winning the ESPY’s Best Fighter Award in July, she again targeted the 38-year-old: “I wonder how Floyd feels being beat by a woman for once,” adding: "I'd like to see you pretend not to know who I am now."

Earlier this month, Rousey said that she will be able to beat Mayweather in a no-rules mixed martial arts-style fight in the Octagon, ESPN reported.

According to the Forbes list, released in June, Mayweather had earned $420 million in 2015, including nearly $220 million for his May 2 victory over Manny Pacquiao, ESPN reported. Forbes also estimated that Rousey received about $3 million in salary from June 2014 through June 2015 from the Ultimate Fighting Champion.