Floyd Mayweather Jr. didn't fight dirty with his controversial knockout victory over Victor Ortiz last Saturday in Las Vegas, said a boxing official.

Mayweather did nothing wrong. It wasn't nice, but it wasn't dirty, Rochester Boxing Hall of Fame President Tony Liccione told the Democrat and Chronicle. Ortiz was at fault. Boxers know they have to keep their guard up every second in the ring. Ortiz failed to do that and paid the price. 

Many have said Mayweather Jr. landed a cheap shot in taking down Victor Ortiz for the WBC welterweight title. Mayweather had dominated the into the fourth round but Ortiz became frustrated and head butted Mayweather in the corner. Fight referee Joe Cortoze turned to tell fight judges to deduct a point from Ortiz on scorecards, but he didn't tell the fighters to halt.

Ortiz looked away to the side, dropping his arms to his side, when Mayweather landed a one-two left hook and right that knocked Ortiz to the ground, and out for the count. Mayweather ran his record to 42-0, but many in the crowd of 22,000 booed and hurled catcalls, questioning the deciding blow landed by Mayweather.

In the days since the Saturday night fight, the Internet has blazed with calls and posts that Mayweather landed a cheap shot.

Liccione believes, however, that Ortiz was at fault. He also told the Democrat and Chronicle that he thinks Mayweather will fight Manny Pacquiao, and that the fighter called Money May would win.

I believe they will fight next year, Liccione said. I think Mayweather will be a slight favorite and I think he'll win a unanimous decision.