Fractional Ownership for Pilots: PlaneSmart!
offers a fractional-ownership that caters specifically
to pilots who do their own flying. The company handles
the mess and stress most commonly associated with
ownership of smaller, four-seat aircrafts. A fleet of
Cirrus SR22-G2 and SR20-G2 aircrafts is available
24/7. The firm provides aircraft insurance, storage,
fuel, cleaning, and maintenance. Additionally, pilots
receive transitional training to fly the SR22-G2s and

One of the perks of this program is not only the
guaranteed availability of an airplane upon request,
but knowing that it is a well-maintained SR22-G2 or
SR20-G2. Cirrus may be the safest small aircraft ever
designed. as it has a single-lever power control, a
side-yoke control column, a four-point safety harness
for each seat, and its overall construction is
unparalleled in safety. The acclaimed Cirrus Airframe
Parachute System (CAPS) deploys a parachute that
enables a plane to land safely despite any unfavorable
circumstances. All SR20s and SR22s are identically
equipped with Avidyne Glass cockpit, dual Garmin
GNS-430 GPS, Skywatch traffic avoidance, in-cockpit
weather data link, autopilot, and much more.

There is a one-time purchase fee for interest in a
specific craft or a block-time license; a one-time fee
for pilot transition training; a monthly management
fee; and an hourly operational fee.

Texas-based PlaneSmart! is a plain smart choice for
pilots who prefer to leave the flying to themselves.

For LxM James Rothaar