Just days after Cal State approved a 12 percent tuition hike, University of California regents also voted to increase tuition by 9.6 percent for the upcoming fall school year. The decision was approved 14 to 4 in San Francisco during a board meeting.

This is the second tuition hike passed by the board since they previously approved a 8% increase, a response to the state's budget cut toward the university systems by $650 million each.

Students who now have just about a month before fall semester are burdened with an extra $1,068 tuition. The double tuition increase adds up to a grand total of $12,192 a year for California residents -and this excludes campus-based fees. 

The decision, which Regent Bonnie Reiss says was made with sadness and disgust, comes as a better option than laying off staff and reducing courses.

I hate that we have been forced by our state politicians to raise tuition, but I hate even more the possibility of letting UC slide into becoming a second-rate institution Reiss said.