Throughout the FOMC meeting, participants have attested that the overall economic conditions of the world's largest economy are steadily enhancing and improving at a moderate rate but that that the jobless levels across the country remain high while that prices pressure remain well subdued and core inflation is constantly trending lower.

In fact this major economical obstruction; the labor market deterioration eased only faintly, knowing that it remained at the level of 9.6 percent for three month than inclined suddenly to 9.8 percent in November, although nonfarm businesses continued on adding workers in October and a higher labor demand was witnessed this past period.

However overall consumption and spending picked up in October and November with a faster incline of exports in October and the revival of business spending on equipment and software remains on track and the manufacturing capacity utilization rate continued to move up in October

Now turning to the housing sector activities, they remain weak and still quite depressed with starts of new single-family homes remaining at the very low level while that the sales of new homes in October were at the lowest level in the 48-year history of the series and the purchase of existing homes dropped in October along with a recent decline of house prices.