Throughout the FOMC meeting that held participants on Jan. 25-26 meetng have attested that the overall economic conditions of the world's largest economy and its expansion has enhanced within the recent months and that prices pressures remain well controlled and at a low level although some of the members saw risks in higher energy and commodity prices.

If truth be told the major economical obstruction; the labor market deterioration, has eased but only faintly as the jobless rate remains high and crucial despite clear signs of improvement witnessed this past period, having the member raising growth forecasts but signaling disappointments regarding the jobs sector knowing that members see the jobless rate averaging 8.8 percent to 9 percent in the fourth quarter.

Plus the Chaiman Ben S. Bernanke officially proclaimed that he is trying to spur growth and reduce 9 percent unemployment with a sustained period of stronger job creation.

In fact the new forecasts were growth outlook in 2011 to 3.4%-3.9% versus 3.0%-3.6% while jobless levels are predicted to reach this year the levels of 8.8%-9.0% versus 8.9%-9.1% and PCE Inflation in 2011 can vary to 1.3%-1.7% Vs 1.1%-1.7% having the Fed divided over whether the country needs a slowing or reducing of the $600 billion of Treasury purchases.