The FOMC members released today their revised expectations for growth, employment and inflation, where the country's real GDP of this year was revised to 1.6%-1.7 % from 2.7%-2.9% in June, while the real GDP of 2012 was lowered to 2.5%-2.9% from 3.3%-3.7% in june, and for 2013 real GDP is expected to rise btween 3.0% and 3.5%.

As for the unemployment revised projections set by the FOMC members,the unemployment for this year inclined to 9.0%-9.1% from 8.6%-8.9% in June and for next year they rose up to 8.5%-8.7% from 7.8%-8.2% in June, while that for the year 2013 they inclined to 7.8%-8.2% from 7.0%-7.5% in June.

Now turning to the inflation levels, the FOMC revised their forecasts of Core PCE inflation for this year to 1.8%-1.9% from 1.5%-1.8% in June and to 1.5%-2.0% in 2012, compared with 1.4%-2.0% in June, while that for the year 2013 it came in at 1.4%-1.9% versus 1.4%-2.0% in June.