The U.S. economy is to deliver almost a full state on the economy this week, the class A fundamentals that will be released in a way or another covers all what investors wait to discover in the economy, starting with first reading on the second quarter growth, the FOMC rate decision and the jobs' report, and whatever falls between them.

The U.S. economy and the greenback trends has been a subject to a lot of speculations and interpretations, driving all markets crazy with it, from the currencies market, to the stocks market, and all other markets that got affected by the credit squeeze and the financial turmoil, and this week might give investors the answers for all the questions they've been asking, and the results for all the forecasts.

It Is going to be a tough ride dear reader, so fasten your seatbelt tightly, and hold your heads back, and get your nerve of steal, and let's start our journey.