Fonix Corp., through its Fonix Speech Inc. wholly-owned subsidiary, is an innovative speech recognition and text-to-speech technology company providing voice solutions for mobile/wireless devices, interactive video games, computer telephony systems, toys and appliances, as well as automotive telematics.

The company announced today that nearly ten million electronic dictionaries and cell phones equipped with Fonix technology have been sold internationally through Asia’s largest OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) into China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

The e-dictionaries – handheld electronic dictionaries that enable users to speak a word in their native language and have the text read back to them in English – span well-known brands like Casio, Canon, Seiko, Inventec Besta and Brilliant Systems. Fonix implements either text-to-speech, voice recognition, voice compression or a combination of these technologies in the devices.

By far the longest running and most successful items, Casio e-dictionary devices have logged more than 4.9 million units sold in Japan, Korea and China. The Casio line of e-dictionaries consist of 140 different models and feature Fonix text-to-speech and voice compression technologies. Additionally, Casio Information Systems develops software for Casio and Hitachi cell phones, which are equipped with Fonix text-to-speech technology. Phones with Fonix software have sold nearly 4.6 million units in Japan through Japan’s major mobile carrier – KDDI.

The success of Fonix products should bode well for the company’s future. D. Lynn Shepherd, senior VP engineering and product development for Fonix, stated, “Sales numbers are expanding and market penetration is impressive, but even more exciting for Fonix is the major success in limited markets and the potential for products like these to expand across the world.”