The reality series “Food Network Star” crowned a new winner in the August 10 season finale. The show dragged out the final showdown between the three contestants -- Nicole Gaffney, Luca Della Casa and Lenny McNab. The final episode showed plenty of reels with the season’s hardest moments, the judges goofing off, the contestants’ cattiest moments and even a full reel dedicated to how swoon-worthy Luca is.

After creating pilots for their potential series, contestants were gathered to answer some fan questions and recall moments from the past season before finding out if they were eliminated by fans who voted online.

Nicole Gaffney: The New Jersey native said that Giada’s advice to relax in the kitchen was really helpful to her. However, it couldn’t quite convince the judges or voters that she knew Texas cuisine. She was the first to be eliminated, leaving the contest to Luca and Lenny.

Luca Della Casa: After discussing everyone’s crushes on the chef from Italy, Luca blamed his charm on his Italian genes. Luca was eliminated earlier this season, but he was brought in for a special episode where eliminated contestants could win their way back into the competition. Luca won a spot in “Food Network Star” again, but his skills were not enough to win the show.

Lenny McNab: The cowboy did really well in the Texas cuisine challenge, shocking absolutely no one. However, his hardest dish was the sea urchin challenge. It seems that he still did pretty well thoughm because he was crowned the winner of the “Food Network Star.”

Watch Lenny’s journey to winning “Food Network Star” below:

No word on when his show will debut, but he’ll likely have a built in fanbase from the competition.

Did you want Lenny to win "Food Network Star" or would you rather watch a show hosted by Nicole or Luca? Sound off in the comments section below!