Call me insensitive, but if someone is on food stamps, I assume they're hungry, underfed and skinny, not at increased risk of becoming obese!


It's ironic, but it may be true. A new study shows a strong linkage between U.S. Food Stamp Programs and weight-gain.

So, what's the problem? It comes down to money. Food stamps might feed you, but not feed you healthfully.

The research, published in the journal Economics and Human Biology, examined weight fluctuations in 4,000 people receiving food stamps, and 6,000 people not in any program for 14 years.

Data revealed female food stamps users had a Body Mass Index 1.15 points higher than women not participating in a food stamp program. This translates into an average increase of 5.8 pounds of weight.

Here's why: monthly food stamp allotment amounts to roughly $81 per person. What would you buy--pricey fruits and vegetables? Or, a 50-pound bag of coco sugar puffs that will last a month?