In what has come to be the deadliest U.S. storm since February 2008, the South has been left battered while the death toll has risen to 45.

According to emergency management agencies, out of 45 killed, six died in Virginia and 22 in North Carolina. States of emergency have been declared in both states. Seven people died in Alabama storms, seven in Arkansas, one in Mississippi and two people were killed in Oklahoma as a tornado flattened buildings.

The storm has left scores displaced, and powerless. Emergency and clean up crews have been deployed in Virginia and North Carolina.

North Carolina has been hit with the most since March 1984 storm system killed 57 people in the Carolinas. Governor Beverly Perdue said there were 62 tornadoes in the state.

Starting in Oklahoma Thursday, the storms moved through the South and hit the East Coast Saturday. As the storms continue to wreak devastation, footage of the extreme weather and its effects have emerged on the internet.

Following are some videos of the deadly tornadoes that have emerged on the popular video sharing site, YouTube: