An England footballer has been revealed as an alleged victim of a high profile property scam involving hundreds of Britons, according to reports in the regional paper, the Sunday Mercury.

The complex case launched against the boss of dissolved property firm Ocean View Properties Investments has taken a new twist, with footballer Gareth Barry alleged to be one of the victims.How much the footballer is purported to have lost is unclear, but he is one of hundreds of Britons believed to have lost millions of pounds after the Midlands-based company was dissolved in 2009 owing investors a total of £43 million.

As well as attracting investment from sportsmen and other celebrities, Ocean View was a sponsor of football clubs including Aston Villa, West Bromwich Albion, and Leicester City.Former Leicester City captain Matt Elliott is thought to have lost around £70,000 on an Ocean View holiday home.Mr Elliot is among 70 angry investors taking legal action against the property company to recover monies and investments in excess of £6.5 million.

Under Spanish law the claim forms part of criminal proceedings against the men, and lawyers are now planning to call Prince Albert of Monaco to give evidence as a witness at the trial.Prosecutors believe the prince was persuaded to take part in an event linked to Ocean View, though he is not accused of any wrongdoing.Another high profile name linked to the case is the Dominican Republic President, Leonel Fernández Reyna. The premier has also been called as a witness but is not accused of any wrongdoing. 

Source: Bridging and Commercial