Although the demand for lithium is exploding, due to the fact that lithium-ion batteries represent the world’s current best answer for the efficient storage of electricity, it is still considered a relatively rare element. Found in various continental brines and rocks, its concentrations are so low that it is often bypassed. As a result, sites with real potential are highly valued, and most sources are outside of the North America. Chile and Argentina currently produce the most lithium, and there are significant undeveloped reserves in Bolivia. China is another developing player.

However, if you’re looking for an American listed company focused on lithium in a nearby politically and economically stable environment such as mineral rich Canada, you need to look at Force Energy Corporation, one of the only companies in the world that fit that description.

Force Energy has an option for 100% interest in a contiguous 128-acre block of mineral claims in Manitoba, Canada, and the company’s technical team has received a technical report pointing to historical reserves of over 1½ million undiluted tons of lithium, at 0.945% Li2O. It’s called the Zoro 1 Claim, located near the east shore of Wekusko Lake in the Snow Lake area of west-central Manitoba. The company has active plans for further exploration and development of the property.

With rich lithium supplies limited, especially in easily accessible and stable areas, the continually expanding demand is expected to drive prices for the foreseeable future. In addition, the fact that lithium itself is but a small part of overall battery cost means that there is a lot of room for lithium price increases. As oil becomes more costly to extract, encouraging a variety of other power sources that involve electrical storage, rising lithium prices are considered a given, especially with the move by world governments away from fossil fuels. The Obama administration, for example, has called for one million hybrid electric vehicles on American roads by 2015.

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