Ford Flex and Expedition sales also increased.

Ford's fuel-efficient cars, crossovers and trucks continue winning over consumers in the marketplace, said Ken Czubay, Ford vice president, U.S. Marketing, Sales and Service, in a statement. Our new product lineup -- especially our newest cars -- continues helping Ford grow even stronger and gain market share on the fiercely competitive East and West coasts. 

Other highlights from Ford in August included Ford trucks, up five percent and higher than one year ago in the same month.

Lincoln's resurgence might be the biggest story, though, since the brand has long suffered, but Ford is trying to reinvigorate its luxury Lincoln brand. Lincoln sales increased 40 percent in July, and 25 percent in August.

We are absolutely focused on making Lincoln a world-class luxury brand with compelling vehicles and an exceptional ownership experience to match, said Czubay. We also have a lot of Lincoln news on the way - with seven new or significantly refreshed models in the next three years.

Ford's stock closed down 2.43 percent Thursday, or 27 cents a share, to $10.85.