There is not analogy in the history with the price of the oil. Is the world in such a crisis for oil? The chart of the Crude Oil is solid into upward direction in geometry progress. If we are using the strong raise of the oil prices and the weak dollar the levels of $100 are not just realistic, these levels are low. The long-term forecast for 2008 seems that the crude oil will be trading above $100. In making a forecast for oil prices in 2008 between $140 and $180 for barrel. What will be the effect of such fantastic trading levels? First these levels will be not fantastic following the war against the terrorism. The oil is the most important weapon for the terrorists. The fears by stopping of oil supply by the regions like Iraq and the whole Persian Gulf will totally destroy the world economy. China continue to expand and using more and more by the black gold. Russia is the big winner by the high oil prices and back on the world scene using the huge storages of oil. The world economy will suffer more and more by the high oil prices and the huge inflation that will follow. The high oil prices will jump everywhere the inflation. The dollar, not just the dollar but also the euro the pound, the yen will be not the same currency. The investments will turn into goods and much more investors will buy gold, oil, shares. It comes black times for the world economy.