One company that has started to earn the attention of investors is ForeverGreen Worldwide Corporation. ForeverGreen has a global presence because of their development, manufacturing and distribution of an expansive line of all natural products. Today, ForeverGreen took a major step towards enhancing their future with the announcement they have completed its in-house fully functional information systems.

The system that is taking ForeverGreen to the next level is internally known as the Commissioning and Sales System, or CASS. CASS will operate at a pace that coincides with the company’s individual needs as well as the economic times of the marketplace. CASS is a unique fully functional information system that will allow ForeverGreen to expand their global influence.

ForeverGreen President Ron Williams stated that the company has already seen significant signs of improvement from the modification presented by CASS and feels the system will present an array of new opportunities for the young company to expand in the future.

ForeverGreen CIO Tim Simpson was quoted as saying, “We now are able to gather information on sales trends and field demographics real-time, without needing to define a formal development cycle to get quick answers for important questions. Bringing our systems in-house has resulted in a best possible solution for the company’s needs.”

Currently, ForeverGreen is trading in the $0.47 range. With the options provided by CASS, this up-and-coming company has major potential to leave their mark in the global marketplace. To learn more about ForeverGreen, visit their website at: and you’ll learn why so many people are talking about this company.