Weekly Trend Direction:Bullish.

Trend Reversal Level: 0.8300.

Key Support Levels: 0.8720, 0.8650, 0.8600

Key Resistance Levels: 0.8800, 0.8850, 0.9100.

Entry Strategy : Buying dips in an uptrend at suggested key support levels.

Trade Suggestion: This pair is still bullish and we will be looking to buy at the suggested support levels. We could see a correction to the downside today to the suggest support levels. our suggestion is to look for correction to complete and get in to the trade. This has significant support at 0.8700 to 0.8750 region. It has been consolidation all the day yesterday and struggled to break the resistance 0.8850. Failed attempt to that signifies there would be possible correction to the downside today and price could move lower. Agressive traders can go short in this pair targeting our support levels. As we suggested in our weekly analysis, this pair made a run to our sited targets. Look at our weekly analysis for more details.

Alternate suggestion: Any breach of our suggested weekly trend reversal level will open up doors targeting towards 0.8100.