FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - The Aussie plunged on Tuesday and from Monday's high at 0.8430, the pair entered at levels below 0.8300 to extend losses on Wednesday 's Asian session to hit a fresh 2-weeks low at 0.8180 on early European session.

According to the E-Forex Team, the pair turned bearish after its rejection at 0.8400: Since it failed to break above .8400 on yesterday's attempt, the Aussie dollar turned bearish and collapsed below the minor trend line support around .8315. The 61.8% of the .8125-.8470 up leg also failed to provide a reversal point and the dollar continues to strengthen.

On the session ahead, the E-Forex Team expects the pair to find support around current levels: The .8200 mark being on focus at the time of this writing. .8140 and .8085 will probably provide support on extended losses and limit the downside.