FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - After it rises around 100 pips from 0.6930 to 0.7032, fresh ten weeks high, the AUD/USD has broken the 0.7000 strong level. Currently, the pair is trading around 0.7000/10 trying to hold it above 0.7000.

Finally, the AUD/USD has been able to go above the 0.7004 and reach fresh ten weeks highs at 0.7032. Along the European and American session, the pair has been traded between the 0.6940/0.7000 band on several attempts to break the 0.7000 strong resistance.

According to the Trading Central Team, the USD weakness is expected against the AUD: The RSI is capped by a MT declining trend line, the pair has broken below a triangle lower boundary and should face a further weakness.