FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - The Aussie has capped its today's advances against the Greenback after reaching daily high at 92.85 in the early European morning with the pair falling to break MA55 hourly at 0.9240 and test intra-day low at 0.9190.

Currently the pair is trading 0.35% lower than opening price action at 0.9237 to the current 0.9205/15 zone.

The Kshitij Consultancy Service Team comments: Aussie has consolidated between 0.9210 and 0.9285 during the day and is looking to come down and test the Support at 0.9187 (21-SMA on the 8H). Our view continues to be the same and a break of this Support might call for a correction towards 0.9030. Else, if it holds, the pair may consolidate further during the US session for a gradual rise over the next few days. The target of 0.94-95 looks possible over the next few days.