FXstreet.com (Buenos Aires) - With U.S. market on holidays due to Martin Luther King's day, dollar ended the day lower against major rivals, in a tiny trading day. Surge in commodities, particularly oil, has favored both Canadian and Australian dollar, the overall winners today along with the Pound.

While GBP/USD reached an intraday high of 1.6380 as speculation regarding the end of QE next February extends, EUR/USD failed to regain the 1.4400 area tested mid American afternoon and closed the day around 1.4380.

Euro has been subdue bat concerns about Greece economic situation, after more European economic authorities support ECB's President Jean Claude Trichet comments related to special plan to bailout Greece.

However dollar is also under strong pressure after current month´s data show the economy is far from a recovery, and even further away of a rate rise. Unemployment and Retail Sales readings both disappointed market players that had been betting on a strong recovery and a rate hike earlier this year.