FXstreet.com (London) - Dollar pulled back gains across all its major pairs this session as risk appetite waned ahead of reporting season which began yesterday. Euro and Swissy were the biggest losers against the Greenback, both shedding 20 basis points on the Dollar in todays trade.

Dollar has moving seemingly against the tide of recent announcements, such as Bullards earlier words of caution to the market. Players seem to be returning to risk aversion given the uncertainty of the financial reports to come in the next weeks.

The broad picture for the Greenback against its major partners as we head to the Asian close is as follows: EUR/USD 1.4483/84 (-0.19%), Swissy 1.0184/89 (+0.21%), Cable 1.6089/92 (-0.15%), USD/JPY 92.20/21 (+0.14%).