FXstreet.com (Córdoba) - Greenback pulled back on Wednesday after rising in the last days across the board. A big decline in home sales in the U.S. pushed Dollar down. Currencies tied to commodities posted important gains boosted by rising stocks and oil prices that rose sharply. The Swiss Franc and the Canadian Dollar were among the best performers.

The Euro rose against the Dollar for the first time after falling in the last six sessions and finished above 1.4300. The Euro zone currency also rallied against the Pound. EUR/GBP rose to one-week high and tested the 0.9000 area. The Pound moved in ranges against Greenback between 1.5920 and 1.5990.

The Swiss Franc jumped across the board. USD/CHF tumbled reaching levels below 1.0400. Against Cable the Swissy jumped to the highest level in almost 3 weeks. EUR/CHF had the lowest daily close since March 10 and fell below 1.4900.

Currencies tied to commodities rose against the Dollar. The Canadian Dollar was among the best performers and rose for the fourth consecutive session. USD/CAD plunged to 1.0468 reaching the lowest price since December 4.